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Gift Baskets, New York City: Great Selections for Special Occasions

A Tisket A Tasket, Fruit & Gourmet Baskets, our gift basket division, features delectable baskets at reasonable prices which may be delivered in New York or anywhere else in the U.S. or Canada.

When you order a basket from us, you can select a treat full of fresh fruit or gourmet foods or a combination. We can tailor your basket to a special occasion or particular tastes. Our specialty baskets can be all or mostly Kosher, Italian, cooking, chocolate, sweets, junk food or healthy. We strive to accomodate your desires.

We continue to cull the vast gourmet product market for a variety of tasty and interesting foods which we can offer at a fair price. Some of our brands are well-known, and some are produced by smaller fine quality companies. Many of these products are certified Kosher; our Glatt Kosher products are indicated by an asterisk below.

Our chocolates, candies and cookies are made by such companies as Perugina, Lindt, Walker's*, Kopper's*, Brent & Sam's*, Destrooper, Golden Walnut*, Bahlsen, DiCamillo, Biscotti & Co.*, New York Traffic Treat*, America's*, Dare* and Helen Grace.

Our cheeses, preserves, crackers, breadsticks, bagel chips, nuts, chips, teas, coffees and sparkling cider come from Lactoprot, Champignon, Miller*, Hero*, Bonne Maman, Old County, Wellington*, Monet*, New York Style*, Gianforno, Bazzini*, Terra*, Roberts American, Twinings, Lagot, Bon Apple Tite* and other fine producers.

Add to that a fine selection of other gourmet products like dried fruits, meats, pastas, sauces, salsas, olive oils, vegetables, honey and caviar, from companies like 21st Century*, Expressnack*, Smoky Valley, Whiskey Zeke's, Gerardo di Nola, Paesana*, Frank's, Gaeta, Vong, DiCamillo, Giovanni, Fibonacci, Haddon House*, Green Mountain*, Colavita*, Bonduelle, Dutch Gold* and Romanoff*.

These eye-catching and tasty creations are available in sizes of $50, $60, $75, $100, $150, $200, $250 and $300. You can choose a basket featured under "Gourmet Baskets" or ask us to create a basket for you. We're sure you and your friends will love our gift baskets!

We also carry gourmet platters filled with candy, nuts or dried fruit for the cost-conscious. They're available for $39.50, delivery included
Samples of our Gift Baskets:

Blooming Gourmet Basket
Send a treat for the eyes as well as a taste sensation for the tummy. This basket includes a cheery arrangement of carnations, orchids, lilies, and asters. An assortment of gourmet foods such as chocolates, cookies, cheese and crackers are also included.
Approx. 25" x 14"
Chocolate Lovers Gift Basket
When it comes to love and romance, nothing can compare with the emotions conveyed by a gift of flowers. The Chocolate Lovers Basket is always a popular romantic gift basket for any season.
Exotic Delectables
Our gourmet baskets contain only the finest selections of chocolates, candies, crackers, fruit, cheeses, nuts and more. Delight the senses with this masterpiece of gourmet selections perfect for any occasion.
Gourmet Feast Basket
This "meal in a basket" contains an assortment of delectable snacks such as candy, crackers, jam, cheese, sausage, nuts, dried fruit and beverage.
Gourmet Fruit Basket
With all the favorites like fresh fruits, chocolates and cheeses, it's a classic example of just how great a basket can be. Apples, bananas and pears, along with cheeses, chocolates and crackers, arrive in a wicker basket with handle, tied with a bow.
Approximately 18" W x 16" H
Junk Food Bucket
You could satisfy the sweet tooth of everyone in the office with this bucket of great treats that everyone knows and loves. (And craves, too.) Candy bars, lollipops, jellybeans and more arrive in a galvanized tin bucket decorated with bright curling ribbon.
Approximately 15" W x 20" H
Kosher Fruit and Gourmet Basket
This basket, specially designed for the family or person who keeps Kosher, contains both a varied selection of fresh, quality fruit and an array of Glatt Kosher gourmet products such as candy, cookies, crackers, jam and nuts.
Small Gourmet Basket
This basket contains a variety of gourmet foods such as chocolate, cookies, crackers, crackers and other treats selected to delight the palate.

For more specific item slections visit our full page display ad for gourmet fruit baskets, New York City.

Actual baskets will be similar to, but may vary from, those shown in the picture.

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Love & Romance
When it comes to love and romance, nothing can compare with the emotions conveyed by a gift of flowers. The chocolate lovers basket is always a popular romantic gift basket for any season.
Get Well
We offer a wide selection of "get well" gifts intended to provide comfort and encouragement and convey warm thoughts to those who are in a hospital or nursing home or recuperating at home or elsewhere from an illness or operation.
New Baby
We have great new baby gift baskeys and packages. Celebrate the arrival of a new boy or girl with stuffed animals, baby boy and girl balloons, and fruit and gourmet gift baskets. A special selection of baby gift packages presented in Radio Flyer wagons, tote bags and other unique containers. Our Bear with Chocolates is a very popular gift item.
Bear with Chocolates
A plush bear with boxed chocolates is the perfect way to send your wishes for any special occasion. Young or old, they will be delighted. Bear size and chocolates may vary.
Gourmet Candy Platter
This gourmet candy platter contains 2 lbs. 6 oz. of fine chocolate non-pareils, Jordan almonds, yogurt raisins, chocolate-covered peanuts, chocolate-covered raisins, and chocolate-covered almonds. It's sure to delight anyone with a sweet tooth. The platter is Kosher and is available for local delivery in Manhattan or via UPS ground shipping elsewhere in the continental U.S. (other than Alaska). (Faster out-of-town shipping is available at a higher price.)
Gourmet Dried Fruit Platter
This gourmet dried fruit platter comes in two varieties--either (1) pineapple, papaya, apricot, prunes, raisins and pears or (2) apricot, prunes, peaches, dates, figs and pears. Either combination is sure to delight any dried fruit lover. The platter is Kosher and is available for local delivery in Manhattan or via UPS ground shipping elsewhere in the continental U.S. (other than Alaska). (Faster out-of-town shipping is available at a higher price.)
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