When is The Best Time to Visit new York?

When is The Best Time to Visit new York

New York seems to send us invisible invitation to visit the place all the time. Big Apple holds a lot of reasons why we should visit it. However, not all time is the best timing as well. There are several certain timings that aren’t very nice for tourists. So when is the best time to visit New York?

– The Worst Months
Despite the suggestions that are actually widespread, July and August are the worst months to visit Big Apple. There are a whole lot bunches of tourist during this period and they are all eager to participate on the events. Yes, this is also the time for many events like waterfront workouts, open air movie nights, music concerts, and many outdoor family activities.

During these months, there are even more attractions and events to attend. Most possibly, this is what drives the tourists into the city. However, it doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your vacation for something too crowded like this. There are attractions during other months too. Calm down.

– The Best Month and Why
There are two best periods to visit the city. The first period is during April to June. The second is during September to early November. Both periods are on mild weather. It isn’t too hot while you should catch a breeze during this time too. It isn’t too cold as well so it is nice to explore around the city. There are lesser events but New York is about museum, urban life, shopping, and the view too, so it shouldn’t be dull at all. In addition to this, flight fares are way cheaper during this time.

So, not all year is a perfect time to visit New York. Unless you plan to stay the whole year in the city, it is a nightmare to stay in New York in July to August and during the winter. Ready to make your plan?

Author: CitiDex