Best Street Food Vendors in New York City

Best Street Food Vendors in New York City

Best Street Food Vendors in New York City – Strolling in New York City’s streets is exciting but also tiring. When you need to recharge your energy in an instant, you need to eat something, and that something must be the delicious one. Here are some best street food vendors you should visit to recharge your energy in NYC.
• Joe’s Steam Rice Roll
You can easily get Chinese food in China town, but for the best Cheong Fun there is no other place except Joe’s Steam Rice Roll. Their wide and transparent rice noodles with meat (mainly shrimp, beef or pork) inside and top with soy sauce is the best. Their original location is in Flushing mall, but recently they also open a stall at Canal Street Market.

• NY Dosas
There is no one can bet the warmth of Indian cuisine. Sold on a cart, parked on the southwest corner of Washington Square Park, NY Dosas becomes tourist attraction because of its delicious food.

Vegan-friendly southern India crepe with a bunch of vegetables is the best to taste, but this cart does not only serve that. Piping hot samosas become the main star which makes people make a line, just like how online casino jackpots are the stars.

• Doc’s Grill
From a medic in the Navy, Erik Nowak went to culinary school to learn cooking and to serve delicious food. Now he has a food truck with grilled cheese sandwiches as the main dishes. This is a prove that if someone wants to learn, they will get the result. You can get the warm, stretchy grilled cheese sandwich here only with five dollars.

• Makina Ethiopian Food
A mix of Ethiopian, Eritrean, and Italian heritage in one plate? Why not. These kind of influences are what you will get in Makina Ethiopian Food. The owner of Makina Ethiopian Food, Eden Egziabher, serves a healthful plate with protein (chicken or beef), injera (sourdough-risen flatbread), and collard greens or red-lentil stew. This place is safe for all since the cuisines are mostly gluten-free, vegetarian, and vegan friendly.

The delicious food may give you the energy to continue your journey in NYC. Make sure to come back again to that vendor, or try other super delicious food, so you can feel how diversity is appreciated in NYC.

Author: CitiDex