Don’t Do These While You’re in New York

Don't Do These While You're in New York

New York is naturally overwhelming with its museums, landmarks, restaurants, and more. Many tourists end up spending their vacation in town on the wrong way. Also they often eat at the wrong place and do things on the wrong timing. Here is a little guide to prevent you from spending time on the wrong places.

– Don’t Take the Taxi
While NYC Taxi is quite legendary and they are often included in movies, it is never a great transportation means in the town. The drivers mostly don’t know how to take you to your destination. These taxis are often get stucked in traffic, and they are expensive. If you need a car, you can try Uber. In alternative, you can try the subway which is way faster.

– Times Square isn’t Everything
If you haven’t visited this place at all, you can visit this place and taking some photos. However, once in a lifetime is enough for this spot. It is too crowded while there are a lot of people who dress themselves in certain costumes and they want your money. You can only see big boards and shops, and nothing more. If you get a ticket for a Broadway Show, you have no choice. But if you want nice visit, avoid this spot.

– Empire State Building isn’t the Only Top
You need to spend a very long time in line to get to the top. If you don’t want to be on the line, you need to spend $50 for each person. Crazy, right? For alternative, you can try the Top of the Rock. The view is better, the line is better, and it is way cheaper. If you are up to, you can try many rooftop bars available in the city.

While they are all iconic, you aren’t suggested to spend your time on one of those. New York offers more to enjoy and they aren’t exactly a part of it. Happy touring!

Author: CitiDex