How to Get to NYC: On a Budget Edition

How to Get to NYC On a Budget Edition

Assuming that you originate from the East Coast, bust will become your best option to consider taking. To be more precise, the Chinese buses that come from Chinatown are the safest bet to take for this matter. Commercial bus lines such as Greyhound, BoltBus, and Megabus are also available to take you to NYC as they generally serve major cities in the US. An alternative that is more expensive than a bus would be an Amtrak heading toward Penn Station. If any of the previous methods don’t suit your preference, you are going to have to take a flight via Newark, LGA, or JFK.

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Going to Manhattan from JFK can be accommodated by buying a ticket for AirTrain plus a single-use Metrocard. The A train will take you toward Inwood and heading toward Brooklyn/Manhattan. The journey will take some time but it would all cost only $2.75. To be able to go from Manhattan to JFK, you will only have to reverse the route previously described before continuing on an A train towards Rockaway Beach and stopping by Jamaica Station to change to an AirTrain. To get to Manhattan from LaGuardia Airport, you need to take bus Q70 and stop at Jackson Heights to take E, F, M, R, or 7 subway (depending on the final destination). The whole trip costs you $2.75.

You can take the Newark Airport Express to get to Manhattan from Newark. Options of public transit are available in faster types, serving JFK/Newark, including the LIRR ticket for Penn Station at Manhattan (from Jamaica Station to JFK) as well as Amtrak/AirTrain options. This will cost you about $15. You can also opt for private shuttle buses found right outside the airport, with to/from Manhattan route at a price of $15-20. A cab or an Uber is also available for you to consider taking but they are costlier than others.

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