The Best Places in New York You Cannot Miss

The Best Places in New York You Cannot Miss

The Best Places in New York You Cannot Miss – New York, USA, has so many wonderful things that can fascinate you in the best way possible, which can be ranging from sport to entertainment. So then, you will get the unforgettable and distinctive experiences when you explore this city. Not only that, it will also really excite you in the best way because there are so many great places that you have to visit whenever you go to Uncle Sam’s country. Then, do you really want to find out what those places are? If you do, you better read on this below.

  • Times Square

Times Square will definitely offer you so numerous different attractions and mesmerizing things. So then, you will find that exploring this place must be one of your life’s highlights that you cannot forget so easily. Well, you can start your vacation in Time Square from its heart, which are Broadway and the 7th Avenue. You will be able to see so many very big screens that show you so various things which can be raging from the latest movies to the fabulous presentations. Not only that, you will see so many tourists that enjoy the exceptional artists and performers on the pedestrian as well. Then, do not ever forget to visit the Empire State Building, which is known well as the icon of the city, will be available for you up to 2.00 am. So then, you can take a look at the beautiful view of the city below. In addition to this, there are so many food trucks and remarkable restaurants you have to visit in case you want to taste the delicious food in the city.

  • Central Park

Next, it is a kind of a very awesome idea for you to visit Central Park when you come to New York. It is actually one of the most wonderful green spot in the city that can offer you the notable scenery mainly when you notice Bathesda Terrace that was created in 1860s. Besides, there are lots of eyes pleasing and tranquil spots such as Shakespeare Garden, Conservatory Garden, Chess and Checkers House, and so on. Each of them will be the perfect place you can relax and get free from the exhausting and boring things in your life. Additionally, if you are looking for the best place for your kids, you better take them to Central Park Zoo where they can enjoy the interactions with some animals such as penguins, leopards, sea lions, grizzly bears, tropical birds, and etc.

Author: CitiDex