Ultimate Free Things You Can Do in New York City

Ultimate Free Things You Can Do in New York City

Ultimate Free Things You Can Do in New York City – New York might be included in the list of place you want to visit. But some people are afraid to visit this beautiful city because everything is quite pricey. Although everything is pricey there, it doesn’t mean that there is nothing cheap or even free. Here are free things you can do when you visit New York City.

– Public Park and Libraries

The ultimate free things you can do in New York are taking a stroll in public parks, read some books in public libraries. There are lots of public parks and libraries you can visit in New York, and the following are the most popular parks and libraries you need to visit at least once here.

• Central Park
The first famous park you need to visit New York is Central Park. You might have been familiar with the name because it has been used as a location in several movies or TV shows. The park is located in the central part of Manhattan, and there are lots of things you can do here. It is considered as one of the most beautiful parks in New York and taking one or two photos when strolling around this park won’t hurt.

• Bryant Park
The next famous park you cannot miss when visiting New York is Bryant Park. This park doesn’t look only great for you to take a walk at, but you can also watch an outdoor movie here. The park has become a public cinema since 1992, and you can also watch a movie here during the summer. They will show different kinds of movie genre, including classics, indie, and recent movies.

• New York Public Library
After taking a stroll in the park, maybe you want just to chill out and read some books to spend the rest of your day. If that’s the case, you can always visit a public library which is located near Bryant Park. In the third floor, you are free to read different kinds of books as well as admiring the majestic design of the library. But, if the book you want is not available here, you can always request it to the library.

There are actually lots of things you can do in New York for free, and you can spend less of your budget here. Taking a stroll on a park or even having a short yoga session won’t hurt. You can also ask the locals about the recommended places they usually visit in their free time.

Author: CitiDex